Amy Gulli

Ugh — I knew this would happen

By Amy Gulli

(Noah, at a happier moment) Today when I dropped Noah off at preschool, he cried. Sobbed. Threw himself at me. Begged me to hold him. Wailed. "Don't leave, Mommy, don't leave! Stay and play with me!" (which sounds like "stay n pway wis me!") Bonnie, his teacher, said he threw ... Read More

Catastrophe avoided

By Amy Gulli

Noah's first day of preschool yesterday went swimmingly: no biting, no tantrums, plenty of lunch- and snack-eating. Let's talk about how much more worried I could have been yesterday, and why. Our first try at finding new day care for Noah was to visit another in-home day care provider. Sh... Read More

Confessions of a rusty Tooth Fairy

By Amy Gulli

It’s been almost a year since my Samantha lost her first baby tooth. Since then, we’ve managed to finagle only one more out of her mouth — thanks to a little brother slamming his head into her by accident — even though she has at least four loose teeth. She won’t wiggle them be... Read More

Just get dressed already!

By Kara Eberle

By AMY GULLI Smart Mama Why, oh why can’t my kids JUST GET DRESSED in the mornings? On a recent school day, Samantha wanted to wear a cute little summer romper with an American flag pattern. I told her I understood that she loves that outfit, but it was just too cold and rainy. I even cal... Read More

How do you make your kids get dressed?

By Amy Gulli

I've got a blog post up today about the tribulations I go through most mornings trying to get my two munchkins dressed. Do you have battles over this? How do you handle it? What have you found that's worked -- and what has failed miserably?... Read More

Fantasy vs. reality, 2-year-old-style

By Amy Gulli

Last Wednesday, Noah was Superman. He was wearing a shirt with the logo and shorts (they’re actually pajama shorts, but whatever) that say "Superman" on a small tag on the waistband. We "flew" down the stairs, and he "flew" into the sitter’s house. The day before, he was Mickey Mouse. H... Read More

Where’s the line on baby photos?

By Amy Gulli

(There was no question about whether to take this picture of Noah, who clearly was clothed at the time. But not all photos are so easy to decide to snap.) My husband and I had a disagreement last night over whether to take a picture of our 2-year-old son, who had escaped from the tub, a... Read More

Scenes from our last-minute beach weekend

By Amy Gulli

(2-year-old Noah chills out beside a beach chair in Atlantic City, N.J., last weekend.) After promising Samantha all summer that we would take her to the beach, my husband and I realized in about mid-August that we hadn't done that yet. So I hopped on the computer, did some research for the ... Read More

Article: Study backs co-sleeping

By Amy Gulli

From Because I'm the Mommy: Here's an interesting article in The Globe and Mail of Canada about a Penn State study that has shown that allowing babies to "cry it out" -- also known as Ferberizing your baby -- could actually be harmful. It also says that the parents who want to cuddle their chi... Read More

Bedtime is a battleground

By Amy Gulli

AMY GULLI Smart Mama My kids are going through a phase right now. Both of them. At the same time. The same phase. They can’t just lie down and go to sleep. Noah’s always been our good sleeper. He wants to sleep alone, and when you put him in his crib, he often giggles because he’s ... Read More