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Secrets to Designing Spectacular Reception Tents

By Party Belle

Wedding season is in full swing and tent receptions are all the rage! Decorating a big blank white tent can be daunting to even the most creative of brides. Below you'll find ways the professionals like Party Belles create an intimate affair, whether your wedding is for 50 or 500. For smaller ten... Read More

Dog Day Party Tips

By Party Belle

It is an awesome time of year to socialize but we live in an area that can get a bit dangerous due to the mid day heat. So a few reminders, tips and ideas to keep you safe and happy  • Sometimes I hate having to be the grown up in the crowd, but as host, you do assume a certain amount of respo... Read More

Party like it’s…2011?

By Party Belle

Thinking about the upcoming party season, I am hopeful. It’s been a lean time for my industry the past few years. I’m not sure what the basis of this turn around is entirely, I know I can’t say it’s due to Spring as most of our jobs have been on the books for a number of months. Could it be ... Read More

5 Fabulous February Festivities Part I

By Party Belle

Super Bowl 2/4 Everybody knows the main components of this day are football and food. It’s an easy get together to host because there is already built-in entertainment. However there are a few points to mind. If possible, it’s a nice idea to try to include non-football fans with football f... Read More

A word about gifts…

By Party Belle

By the time you get to a certain age, chances are, if you really want something and it is within your means, you’ll buy it yourself. Living in the land of the free and the home of the brave we are inundated with choices and options making it quite impossible to correctly choose the ‘perfect’ g... Read More

Weekday Birthday Ideas

By Party Belle

If a family member's birthday falls on a weekday and you need to wait till the following weekend to celebrate it, obscure holidays are the perfect way to make their day special without blowing your birthday theme! This month of course is the ever popular 'Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day' (1/12, a ... Read More