Paying with plastic? Understand your credit card statement

By Kara Eberle

By KATY CARPENTER for Smart Thanks to some new rules and regulations, your credit card bill has a lot more to say these days. Are you listening? The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 — aka the Credit CARD Act — took effect in stages this year, with... Read More

Smart Mama: Who’s the (real) boss?

By Kara Eberle

By LAURA BURKEY Smart Mama I'm a first-time mom. My daughter, Amelia — Mia for short — was... Read More

Green your gift wrap

By Kara Eberle

By CARRIE HAMILTON for Smart Beyond the feasts of food, hectic schedules and family visits, you’ll know the holidays have arrived when you find yourself standing knee-deep in a room filled with crumpled wrapping paper. Americans throw away 83 million tons of paper trash, including tissue... Read More

Catastrophe avoided

By Amy Gulli

Noah's first day of preschool yesterday went swimmingly: no biting, no tantrums, plenty of lunch- and snack-eating. Let's talk about how much more worried I could have been yesterday, and why. Our first try at finding new day care for Noah was to visit another in-home day care provider. Sh... Read More

A child’s independence vs. a mother’s piece of mind

By Samantha Dellinger

By SAMANTHA DELLINGER Smart Mama My 6-year-old son, Vincent, is growing faster than I like sometimes. I will admit it’s nic... Read More

Snap into the holidays with family-themed photos

By Kara Eberle

By JENNIFER VOGELSONG for Smart These days, it’s hard enough to get the whole family together for an evening meal between basketball practice, music lessons and work functions. A family portrait? Well, that might challenge even the most expert event planner. Not only do you have to... Read More

Give love, give thanks

By Kara Eberle

By JEN BAKER for Smart In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, it’s fitting that November is ... Read More

Smart Mama: Everyone has a mission

By Beth Vrabel

By BETH VRABEL Smart Mama Everyone has a mission in life. For me, I think it’s motherhood. I think I was put here on Earth to make sure 7-year-old Emma does her homework and 4-year-old Benny figures out how to count past 3. And also the unconditional loving, laundering and nurturing par... Read More

Baby’s first photo shoot: Some newborns get star treatment in the hospital

By Kara Eberle

By LEIGH ZALESKI for Smart Your infant’s first photos are an autom... Read More

Check out the holiday issue of Smart magazine!

By Kara Eberle

The holiday issue of Smart magazine doesn't hit mailboxes until the week of Nov. 15. But you can ... Read More