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Holiday Party Ideas

Oh sure, we’re all bummed summer is over…but hey, right around the corner is the next best time of the year- hooray for THE HOLIDAYS! Here are a few sentimental party favorites I’d like to mention.

THE UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER PARTY of course the title pretty much says it all. The reason this tops my perennial favorite is because right after Christmas, when everyone is buying up the wrapping paper on the cheap for next year, you can also hunt the clearance racks for some amazingly ugly sweaters. So you think the sweaters everyone wore to this year’s party was bad, just wait till you see what they found for next year! Make certain to have lots of disposable cameras around! Goodness, just google ugly sweaters and you can start  your shopping pronto!

WINTER WHITE OUT is another one that improves with age. My favorite invitation for this one is to write the party details on a white sheet of paper in invisible ink and to send a decoder pen with it. You can ask guests to wear all white and/ or make it a potluck and ask them to bring a ‘white’ food item…as everyone arrives they become inspired by the other guests offerings and next year you will be amazed at what everyone creates! Don’t get too fussy on the details however…really white food is kind of hard to come by, never scorn your guests or allow others to simply because their garbanzo bean salad isn’t as white as the pure driven snow. When you tire of white why not try a BLUE CHRISTMAS?

 A CAROLLING PARTY need I say more? Everyone (pretty much) knows the words to the songs already and really, there are few things that sound more festive than a bunch of people singing. Take it to the streets or in your living room in front of a fire while everyone helps decorate a tree, it’s a good, good time.

COOKIE EXCHANGE is the one most celebrated in my home. I love everything about it. So often our lives get too busy and this is my one chance a year to gather all the people I may not have seen for the entire year and welcome them into my home. It started with a dozen or so friends 15 years ago and is now up to over 50 friends! I supply bakery boxes and everyone brings X amount of one kind of cookie. I extend my dining room table to it’s full 12’ length and at the end of the evening we all circle the table oo’ing and ahh’ing over everyone’s creations, comparing recipes and tips and collecting some of each to take home to share with our own family and friends over the holiday season.

The great thing about traditions is that it really is never too late to start one. I’d love to hear what your holiday traditions are and how they began!

Yours In Planning-A.H.

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