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Dog Day Party Tips

It is an awesome time of year to socialize but we live in an area that can get a bit dangerous due to the mid day heat. So a few reminders, tips and ideas to keep you safe and happy 
• Sometimes I hate having to be the grown up in the crowd, but as host, you do assume a certain amount of responsibility for your guests well being. Alcohol can cause heat illness because it is a diuretic and can affect your body’s ability to regulate its own temperature. It also dilates your blood vessels, which coincidentally, so does warm weather. Walking around with enormously expanded blood vessels can make you pass out as quick as playing ‘one tequila, two tequila’ and share these interesting facts as you pass out a round of water bottles to everyone occasionally.

• Even if you do not have a pool, you can still set up little comfort stations for your guests, similar to ones you see at amusement parks. Of course sprinklers or slip and slides are always fun for kids. For adults, you can get creative and rig up some soaker hoses to refresh your guests. You can use the hooks you have in your house gutters left from Christmas lights to run it the length of you patio, allowing a gentle mist to befall on your guests. Or if you have tables with market umbrellas you could twist and tie the soaker hose up the poleand around the center of the umbrella. Since you wouldn’t want the entire length of it spraying (i.e. in their faces), simply use some pvc piping around the part of the hose you do not want spraying.

• Two quick words about dogs…my extensive knowledge about soaker hoses is because ALL of the hoses at my home are soaker hoses due to a beautiful blonde Labrador named Ally Oop. Little known fact: Labradors hate anacondas, especially those juicy imaginary ones that appear as garden hoses to you and me. If you have an old hose you want made into a soaker hose, just take a nail and make some holes in it, or just bring it over and attempt to water my flowers with it. Second and tons more important DOGS CAN DIE OF HEAT STROKE. No matter how much your pup loves a party do not let them play for extended periods of time in extreme heat. They don’t know when to stop.

• Be sure to have plenty of suntan lotion available in your bathrooms and powder rooms for your guests to apply. Place it right beside the hand towels so there is no doubt it is for them to use.

• If your party extends into the evening, make sure to pass some bug spray around and fire up the citronella candles.

• If your party is held in a safe location, give some responsible teen the car keys to the vehicles to open the doors or windows so your guests don’t have to get into a sweltering vehicle when they leave. Another nice touch would be for the kids to place homemade lemon wipes wrapped in aluminum foil in the cars for the guests to freshen up with before travelling home. A simple mixture of 1 tablespoon lemon oil, 1 tablespoon unscented baby wash and 3 cups water, poured over strong folded paper towels will freshen up the grimiest guest. A little note explaining what is and a thanks for coming will be appreciated and remembered.
Party On!
Yours in planning, Amy

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    Thanks for these great party tips.
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