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Summertime Bowling and a Free Weekend at Hershey Gardens

Though you can’t tell it from the crazy weather we’ve been having, summer is right around the corner!    That means it’s time for some free bowling.

Bowling alleys across the country are offering their free kids bowling programs again for the summer.   Go to the website,  www.kidsbowlfree.com, find a local participating bowling alley and sign your kids up!  It includes two free games everyday.  Age restrictions, dates and shoe rental policies vary by bowling alley.   They also offer an adult family pass for 2 free games for each adult listed on the pass. It has a cost of $24.95, shoe rental policy varies by bowling alley.

Also,  this weekend Hershey Gardens will be opening for the season.  Celebrate the opening of the 74th season of the Gardens with free general admission for the entire weekend.   You can stroll through 23 acres of beautiful botanical gardens and then check out the Children’s Garden.  They will be having various Spring-related crafts and activities for kids on April 2 from 1-4pm.

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