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One Baby’s Blessing

As an event planner I have been fortunate to work with people from all walks of life on a variety of different occasions. Because it is the milestones of our lives that are often celebrated, it gives me a unique perspective of people. Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, Birthdays, Showers are the bread and butter of my industry. Some people look for the comfort of traditions within these occasions, while others want everything new and different, while still recognizing the importance of the rituals to our connective being.

When a conversation was started the other evening between my husband and his daughter (my bonus daughter as I refer to her) as to when she was having our new grandson baptized, I knew of course this is one of those milestones for which I live and breathe. The problem was she had no intention of getting this kewpie doll I call my grandson baptized. She did not want to be hypocritical and make a promise to God that she would raise him in a church. She was raised Catholic and is simply not a fan of organized religion. Needing an alternative, the discussion began as it would with any of my clients, what she pictured and what she didn’t and the words ‘like a baby blessing’ poured out of me and felt so right to us both.

So the research began and lo and behold there are such things as baby blessings!! We found a wonderful Reverend to work with and all the planning begins. What we know now is that it shall be on a (hopefully) beautiful summer day, in a pavilion on top of an 885’ ridge overlooking the river, our baby Lucas will have the blessings of many and his mother’s promise to God will be a sincere one. I will work with the Rev to make certain the water ritual and the fellowship will be fulfilling to all in attendance.

One should not go through life dismissing milestones; these are so often the things we hold in our memories the longest and with great fondness.
Enjoy yourself; it’s later than you think.
Yours in planning, Amy

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