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5 Fabulous February Festivities Part I

Super Bowl 2/4

Everybody knows the main components of this day are football and food. It’s an easy get together to host because there is already built-in entertainment. However there are a few points to mind.

If possible, it’s a nice idea to try to include non-football fans with football fans by having a brief tutorial prior to the game, key words: brief and prior. Some 13 years ago my husband told me all I really needed to know: ‘A team gets four tries to move the ball 10 yards. They continue doing that till they fail. Then the other team gets to try.’ With that simple explanation I was able to follow what was going on and I was hooked.

Sure, it takes a lot longer than that to learn the idiosyncrasies of the game, but no one is going to comprehend all that at your Super Bowl party. Nor do you want to spend your day explaining them all, so share with them that nugget of wisdom and enjoy yourself. If there is a chance you think this may just whet a guest’s appetite to inquire further, it wouldn’t hurt to have a ‘for dummies’ book or an ‘idiots guide’ of the game lying around.

If there are guests with no interest in the game, segregation is important. Nothing starts an argument quicker than Margaret holding a conversation with Betty across the room about a great sale she found when the Steelers are 4th and goal. Since it is more of a dude’s party respect that and provide a suitable haven out of the way where Margaret and Betty can chat and play a card game or something. This does not mean you must entertain everyone’s own whims, you clearly invited the to a Super Bowl Party and you need not make any apologies for serving chips in a helmet.

As I mentioned, this is more of a dude’s party which allows for some plain silliness, reminiscent of college days. Break out the beer pong. Hide your Snobabies collection and have lots of inflatable footballs lying around to be thrown at the TV and each other. Have a game pool and place a variety of goofy bets on the commercials. Get some face paint in team colors. Admittance to the party requires at least a swipe of color on their face. If they pull the ‘I’m not for either team’ baloney they get a swipe of each.   Oh, and whatever you do, make sure you cheer for the Steelers.

Yours in planning, Amy

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