The Plague of Sickness

In my child care, and in my own family, the past week has been full of sickness.  You know the kind I mean, the “throws you down for the count” kind of sickness that you can’t work through, play through, do anything through?

So, I’ve been cleaning…and cleaning….and cleaning.  The cause of the cleaning is two-fold.  One on hand, it keeps me busy and not focusing on the incessant weak stomach that won’t seem to leave me and on the other hand, I think in my mind I feel like I am somehow cleaning the house of sickness.  Not that shredding the long overdue old receipt box does a thing to rid the house of sickness but, hey, it makes me feel better.

Seriously, though, this is an area that I have been struggling with a bit – How to properly clean and sanitize the house and child care area without using toxic chemicals.  I don’t have the answer.  I will admit though, that although I try to buy recycled, I recycle and I don’t buy new if possible, I do reuse or repurpose things, this is one area that I’ve fell back into old habits.  It’s just easier, gasp!, and I feel like it works better at keeping the germs at bay.  I use bleach water on my toys, bleach water to sanitize, Lysol wipes on the tables, counters, bathrooms, just about everywhere.  Does this mean I’m not green?  I’ve bought the Seventh Generation sanitizing spray, and I do use it but, guess what, it stinks.  Bad.  I can’t stand the smell.  And everything just doesn’t seem as clean, it just smells.

So, as a I struggle to reconcile my non-green cleaning habits with stopping the plague of sickness, I’m all ears to what alternatives I’m missing!!

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  1. Rachael 01/10/2011 at 2:50 pm

    I’m with you! Everyone in my house seems to be sick from the holidays. While I’d like to spray down their germ droppings with something kind, gentle, loving and organic I also want to know their germs have been annihilated!