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Breakfast On The Run

As a mom my mornings can be very busy, and breakfast can be one of those forgotten meals amongst all the hecticness. It’s important (especially for moms) to fuel their bodies for the day. I have two young children–my 11 month old being the youngest, he requires a lot of attention. At times, it can be difficult for me to sneak in a good meal while he’s awake. My favorite go-to breakfast for when I need something fast and full of protein to keep my energy is an “egg scramble.” Sure, you can make a pretty omlette that looks like your favorite diner but I need something fast and tasty!

The best thing about egg scrambles is you can add all sorts of veggies, it’s a great way to incorporate more vitamins into a meal-which can be very hard to do. I start by chopping my favorites, Baby Spinach, Onions and Mushrooms into small pieces. The smaller the pieces the better, the  veggies will cook faster.

Sautee the Vegetables in Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper and Garlic. Meanwhile, whisk two eggs (or egg whites)

When the veggies are tender and spinach is wilted pour the eggs into the pan- and yes, that is a princess bowl. It makes me happy : )

Here’s the fun part, mix it all around as you would with plain scrambled eggs! Plate it and top with crumbled Feta cheese.

This would also be a perfect snack, post workout, to refuel your muscles! If you’re running late and need to take this out the door with you, place it on a sandwich roll and you have a meal that will keep you full for hours. Keep the ingriedients simple and you’ll never miss a morning meal again!  : )

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  1. Rachael 01/06/2011 at 2:39 pm

    beautiful post!

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