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A word about gifts…

By the time you get to a certain age, chances are, if you really want something and it is within your means, you’ll buy it yourself. Living in the land of the free and the home of the brave we are inundated with choices and options making it quite impossible to correctly choose the ‘perfect’ gift for someone.

For example, say your friend exclaims she needs a new coffee pot and her birthday is next week. Would you seriously even consider picking one out for her and what would it be? A french press? A single serve system? A brew and go? Even if you forgo the pot idea all together and decide just to buy her some coffee the possibilities are endless! My mantra is indeed God Bless America as I stand glassy eyed in the abundantly lit cereal aisle at Giant, scanning the brightly colored boxes in search of my Special K with red berries… but I digress…

Gifts from one adult to another can be tricky. There are a few classic gifts that you really can’t go wrong with, a photograph of a shared moment or of something the receiver has some affection for, be it a signed sports figure or an artistic rendering of their hometown. Personally nothing is dearer to me than a gift that personifies the talents of the giver. To this day, the most sentimental wedding gifts we received was from an elderly couple, she a needlepoint of the Lord’s Prayer and he a Scrimshaw crafted by the giver himself.

If you do not know the intended that personally the thought really is what matters. For instance, I’m pretty sure I could teach my 8 year old English Labrador how to buy a bottle of wine. Carding would only be an issue until the note tucked into her collar explained she is well over the legal age in human years. But a bottle of wine placed in a designer basket the receiver collects or with the Houdini Corkscrew for the man who loves ‘as seen on TV’ products, brings that boring bottle of wine to a whole new level!

If finances allow, turning any single item into “A night of fun” kit is an awesome gift! Endless possibilities from A night at The Jersey Shore, including tanning spray, a Jersey Shore DJ Pauly D Talking Bobble Head, a clip in hair extension and Jersey Shore: Season One Uncensored .

Another idea would be for a friend who loves to cook, a crème brulee kit of ramekins, a chefs torch and the key ingredients to create this amazing dessert!

Memorable gifts are always worth giving and so appreciated when we received.
Yours in planning, Amy

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