I am the day metro editor at the York Daily Record/Sunday News in York, Pa., and am mom to two amazing kids: Samantha, 7, and Noah, 2. Being a mom has been the most rewarding and most challenging thing I have ever done, and there are plenty of days when I'm not sure how I function with so little sleep. Through whatever happens, I strive to keep my sense of humor.

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Where’s the line on baby photos?

(There was no question about whether to take this picture of Noah, who clearly was clothed at the time. But not all photos are so easy to decide to snap.)

My husband and I had a disagreement last night over whether to take a picture of our 2-year-old son, who had escaped from the tub, as he was wearing my high heels and a necklace (hey, he was just “getting dressed for work!”).

What do you think? Are there any pictures you won’t take of your children? Do you worry about taking naked-baby pictures?

Here’s the link to my blog post.

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