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Who won Smart magazine’s Hot Dog Contest?

Drum roll, please … the winners of Smart magazine‘s Hot Dog Summer Contest are:

Max, the ultimate beach beagle

Max, a 10-year-old beagle, is the ultimate beach bum. Photo sent in by Brenda Walton of Hanover, PA.

First place: Max, the ultimate beach beagle, sent in by Brenda Walton of Hanover

Second place: a Jack Russell lounging on a blue raft while wearing pink sunglasses, sent in by Dale Hess

Jack Russell on a raft

This Jack Russell sure knows how to live it up. Photo sent in by Dale Hess.

Third place: Mila Latte the pug and her daisy, sent in by Nedra Lahr.

Pug and a daisy

Mila Latte, a 5-month-old pug, likes to smell the daisies. Photo sent in by Nedra Lahr.

Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who submitted photos of your “hot” dogs!

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