I'm the editor of Smart, a magazine for women in southcentral Pennsylvania. I said "I do" to my wonderful husband in 2002. We have two adorable children who have taught me much about life and love. With the birth of my second child, I bid farewell to my dreams of having a clean house, folded laundry and family dinners on weeknights.

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A fun Friday photo shoot

I never know how a photo shoot for the magazine is going to go.

I interviewed Smart Woman Judy Redlawsk (Smart January/February 2009) while she was flying her helicopter.

Last week, I listened to Maria Pukownik and her husband, Kazik, chat in Polish during a shoot at their home, where they do fine art and paper conservation (see the story in an upcoming issue of Smart).

Today, photographer Jason Plotkin took pictures of Faith Johnson-Woodyard, of York, who invented Healthy Hands for grocery carts.

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